Mad Nomad is a woman-owned, slow fashion brand with roots tracing back to my childhood days in the early 1980s. I was a spirited 9-year-old, faced with frustration with the limited options for ‘cool’ clothing in my size. A pivotal moment unfolded during a visit to a local fabric shop with my grandmother, who gave me the freedom to choose any material and pattern I wanted so that we could create something together. This sparked a lifelong love for self-expression through clothing.

Fast forward nearly 4 decades, and I found myself in a similar position during an incredible
18-month road trip across New Zealand with my husband, in our motorhome. While we were exploring the breathtaking landscapes, I came across some “fun” mid-life challenges, including perimenopause and its effects on my body.

Struggling to find comfortable clothing that fit well, worked with my style, and complimented my on-the-go lifestyle felt like a déjà vu moment from my childhood!

Drawing on my background as a personal stylist, I have a solid understanding of the aesthetic side of things. But I wanted to research more about the processes behind fashion production. The more I learned, the more I became aware of the textile waste, unethical practices, and alarming environmental impact of the fast fashion industry. I am determined not to contribute to this…instead I have set out on a mission of education and change.

Each garment within Mad Nomad's versatile capsule collections is thoughtfully designed, and is a celebration of individuality and a conscious choice to move away from harmful industry practices. My aim is to bring you comfortable clothing pieces that are infused with edge and elegance. It’s all about capturing the nomadic spirit – exploring fearlessly, expressing yourself freely, and making choices that truly align with your values.


Hi, I’m Bibi Maber (pronounced 'bee bee') – the founder, creative director and designer for Mad Nomad.

Born in Toronto, Canada, with a Hungarian background, my journey has been defined by a continuous exploration of different cultures. Thanks to my dad’s career in the airline industry and my mum’s dreamy, free-spirit, and resilient nature, I inherited a passion for travel that led me to move across three continents over the years – I’m grateful for all of the experiences that have enriched my life.

Ever since the “Ah-ha”moment I had in the fabric shop with my grandmother in the early 80s, I’ve had this creative spark, and a love for self-expression through clothing. Though I had to set that dream aside (to make a living in the corporate world), there was this desire in me, looking for an outlet. In 2007, I finally found a way to make that come true in personal styling - a big change from the stability of a desk job, but it was what I wanted and needed, to adopt some new and healthy lifestyle shifts and it helped move me forward.

In 2011, Christchurch, New Zealand, became the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Travelling standby from Toronto, with unplanned stopovers in Vancouver, Sydney, and Auckland, extended my arrival to nearly two weeks! Challenges, including landing with only $200 left in my pocket, being alone in a new country, and emotionally navigating the 22 February earthquake, prompted another move to Wellington. Thankfully, the beautiful Kiwi friends I met along the way, with their hearts of gold, offered understanding and flexibility until I found my footing during those first few weeks. Just four months later, fate stepped in, and I met my amazing now-husband, Nick, via the TradeMe app “FindSomeone”!

Fast forward to 2021, Nick and I sold our home, to go on an epic 18-month adventure in our motorhome to savour every moment together in this gorgeous country. This is when the idea of Mad Nomad was born, inspired by mid-life changes and the unpredictability and boldness of life on the road.

Since settling back in Christchurch in early 2023, my energy has been channeled into the creation of Mad Nomad. This brand is more than thoughtfully designed clothing; it’s a narrative of courage, passion, exploration, and self-discovery. Each garment we make is a conscious choice, a versatile partner to join you wherever you are on your journey – whether that means a long-haul flight, exploring a new town, walking on the beach, or facilitating a meeting at work. It’s my way of saying “Let’s ditch those outdated ways!” I’m all about bringing you clothes that are cool AND kind.

I’m excited to have you here to help me shake things up in the fashion world – one mindful choice at a time.


I’m a lifelong travel enthusiast, and I thrive on learning about different cultures and experiencing new places.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP), I cherish my quiet moments to stay centred but also really LOVE meeting new people, socialising with friends, and having a good laugh.

You might notice a rotation of different “Bibi’s” over time... that’s because I’ve been wearing wigs (for medical reasons) for well over a decade, and they each have a name!

I have been eating a plant-based diet for 13 years and in my spare time, I love creating new recipes while listening to chillout tunes in the kitchen.

Speaking of music, I indulge in that passion by being a self-proclaimed “bedroom DJ”, mixing tracks from the 80s, House, Funk, Disco, and Electronic genres.