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Care Labels: Decoded

Care Labels: Decoded

Finding the perfect outfit can feel like such a win - until it loses its charm after just a few wears; demands an unrealistic level of maintenance; or worse...it begins to fall apart!

I'd like to talk a little bit about something I feel is very underrated, yet super valuable: care labels. You know those little labels sewn into the side of your garments? They are there for more than just a tickle; they can actually tell you a lot about your potential purchase.


Here’s how:

1. Quality and Composition

    Not all labels are created equal, and the fast fashion industry has its fair share of smoke and mirrors. Some brands may take advantage of the lack of regulations on garment swing tags attached to the clothing, and make claims that can be misleading. (For example, a swing tag reading “Made with Organic Cotton” could possibly be a small percentage of organic cotton blended with a larger percentage of a synthetic fibre). We just don’t know unless we read the care label sewn into the seam. Brands must list the composition (exact fibres and their percentages used to create your garment), by law. So, being mindful of this will make sure you have the correct info you need to help make a purchasing decision.


    2. Origin Story

    Understanding where your garment comes from is like getting a look at the story behind the seams. (Was that a bad pun?!) 😉 Not just where the garment was designed; this must tell you where it was made. Transparency helps you to stay connected and feel confident with your wardrobe. Supporting brands that prioritise ethical manufacturing practices can ensure that your clothing is made with care and consideration.

    By the way, if you’re ever curious to know more about your clothing, you can reach out to the brand directly and ask them. Don’t be shy! (Those who are truly dedicated to sustainability and transparency will be proud to show you their efforts.)


    3. Garment TLC

      And finally, a list of care instructions; from washing in cold water to reshaping while damp, and laying in the shade to dry. Each instruction is going to guide you through the lifespan of your clothing, making sure that each piece looks and feels its best at every stage.


      Do you read your care labels or read product descriptions before making a purchase? Share in the comments below or let me know if you have any questions.

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